Campaign Type

Designing and printing of e-brochure

Air India : Fly the change

Campaign period : Between March and April 2019


DDA gave us the assignment for designing and printing of the brochure for the scheme DDA Awasiya Yojna 2017 on L1 quote basis. Total quantity of the brochures printed was 5 lakh copies. The cost of printing was Rs.1.15 crore only


Work involved:

  1. Designing: The designing work went on for just over two months. There was revision on every day. Total number of pages was 36 inside and four pages cover.
  2. Printing: This assignment is more about our printing expertise than designing. The design was approved on 26th June, 2017 and the scheme opened on 30th At least 10-15000 copies were to be delivered on 30th June so that the scheme could start. The most cumbersome part is the numbering in the application form which was pasted on the back inside page of the cover. We still managed to deliver 15,000 copies on 30th June itself. All the five lakh copies were delivered within eight more days in different locations all over Delhi.

Result: The client was immensely happy with our work.

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