Soon in OOH, Small will be beautiful!

Soon in OOH, Small will be beautiful!

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The OOH industry was always about size. The bigger the better! Skyline used to be filled with brands after brands, each wanting its own share of eyeballs. The successful campaigns were easily planned by any tom dick and harry with eyes shut. Take a CP roundabout, an Oberoi, Ashram, Defence colony flyover, sprinkle with some North Delhi sites and voila! You have a set campaign ready for any client in any category. Just cut copy paste and send to all. Obviously, the same landmarks hold true for any city across the country.

Iconic sites were booked on long term, either by the client or by their agencies that used to keep on shifting the sites within their client base. Size zero, or rather small sizes were a taboo, leave aside pole kiosks dotting the busy streets with telecom brands.

HOWEVER, a lot has started to change over the last decade. While authorities have woken up to the fact that not only can OOH industry be used to create public facilities and services, the industry also needs to be regulated in order to improve city’s skylines. So hoardings that used to be selling dreams to consumers have suddenly turned eyesore and have felt a major impact.

Someone’s adversity is an opportunity for someone! In comes small media formats, the metro stations, the malls and shopping complexes, the office buildings and lift wraps, the street furniture, the market flag signs et al! Surprisingly, this media has slowly and steadily crept into the media planning of all major campaigns and is giving decent results and recall value to brands. Ultimately its recall that OOH advertising works upon, and by the basic back of the envelope calculations, recall is there when volume is there. So clients have become smart and rather than spending on a single site for 10-15 lakhs have opted to take 100 small options dotting various streets/ metros across the city. Graphisads has played a major role in popularizing this media. We own more than 500 small media formats and package it innovatively with regular OOH to create a buzz for our clients. Soon, we shall be acquiring 300 more such formats across the city. What has helped this media is that OOH has now started getting hyper local clients on board. So even if a small time retailer wishes to advertise in a particular 2-3 km radius, he has cost effective options to spend upon. For example, during Airtel Half Marathon, we displayed more than 80-100 such displays for the client on just 4-5 roads, thereby creating effective road-block for the client.

Future looks bright for such formats, not that the big media options shall not be there, but campaigns in future might just be won on scientific planning rather than sleep walking the media plan! A judicious mix of all media formats shall be the one which shall deliver the desired ROI to the client and do justice to its spends.