Why Outdoor still works

Why Outdoor still works

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Why Outdoor still works.

If the brand searches for the best media options to promote their campaign, the choice is huge now as the emergence of digital media with smart targeting tools and innovations in traditional media does not make outdoor advertising as the top option. But if we gauge deeply, there is still something special about the Outdoor media that can’t be ignored by media planners and advertisers.

For a consumer who is constantly seeing different ads throughout the day from different media platforms, there is now a very thin line between interest and irrelevance. While digital media is target oriented but at the same time the banner and pop-ups are generally ignored more and online browsers are masters at blocking them but at the same time a street sign or an eye catching billboard has more attention value than a digital banner. That one moment with a brand generates awareness about it and that can be the impetus for creating a curiosity among the potential consumer.

Moreover, as per the research, Outdoor advertising is widely used to encourage online searches, which led to engagement, purchases and loyalty.

  1. It is all about Reach

Though there is no particular method to count the impressions and reach of particular outdoor campaign but as per the research the outdoor campaign usually has maximum reach if compared with other traditional media. The reach may or may not create interest among the potential customers but it will definitely create awareness about the product or service the brand is offering. Due to the maximum reach outdoor advertising can also be termed as a quick shortcut to successful advertising.

  1. More the attention, more the result

New innovations, interesting lighting system, product pop-ups, audacious messages and catchy slogans is all you need to get maximum mileage from the outdoor media. Though location remains the main attribute in outdoor media but the content has to be creative and visual depiction has to be innovative to garner maximum mileage.

  1. Be where they travel

Setting a target audience for outdoor media can be done by observing the travel behavior of the target group. For example- Advertising for ‘affordable housing’ on hoardings near airport is a complete mismatch but if it is a premium property the same media becomes completely relevant for the advertiser. So, out of so many OOH media options the advertiser has to choose wisely so the presence can be achieved where their target audiences travel often.


  1. Digital future of outdoor advertising:

Be it digital screens at metro stations or airport or LED screens at popular fast food chains the outdoor advertising medium has grown by leaps and bounds in order to garner more eye-balls from their target audience. For millennials who are glued to their smartphones 24×7 it has become easier for a brand to interact with consumer in engaging manner. For instance, at the IGI Airport, advertisers are using technologies like geo-tagging, augmented reality, and facial recognition.


You can run, you can hide but you can’t escape the OOH advertising as the benefits of using outdoor as an media vehicle are huge therefore the medium falls in the natural order of things for the advertiser and shying away from it would mean that you missed the bus. The total focus on social media and other traditional media is not a good choice for brand makers as the new ways have already arrived to turn the old school media into modern profit for the advertisers.