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Mukesh Gupta

Mr Mukesh Gupta

“Advertising is Truth well told”

Nowadays, competition is omnipresent. Every business faces stiff competition, which in the hindsight, actually helps the customer indirectly, because he is offered products or services at a very economical price. But for a customer, more competition also means more options which also means more confusion for him to decide and choose one final thing. The hype created by the advertising campaigns is hard to endure and he develops his aspirations for more lifestyle options be it a Car, a Home or FMCG or any other consumer durable.

At Graphisads, we always emphasize on creating such communication which is easy to comprehend for a wide cross section of the target audience and the truth is well told to make it stand out of the clutter. For advertisers, who mostly find the advertising costs quite expensive, we provide value for money advertising so that he gets a wide variety of media options. In a nutshell, we consider our clients’ money as our own money and accordingly provide 360 degree solutions in advertising