Mr. Makhan Lal Singla was standing on the INLD ticket from Sirsa and was contesting elections for the first time. He had a strong background as a businessman in the area with interests in automobiles and infrastructure.


The agency was hired to do the creatives and innovate on various media vehicles to be used. There were 4 campaigns done over a period of 60 days with each campaign having a different message and modulation.


The first campaign was aimed at introducing Mr. Singla to the area, then came the problem solution approach and the last 2 series focused on driving the vote bank to INLD’s Makhan Lal Singla.


The main carriers of the message being local print, local OOH/ Wall paintings and vans there arose a need to have a medium through which various different messages could be communicated at different points in time and at different locations keeping in mind the topicality. The PR machinery as in Top gear covering various rallies and events. Yet the message was not reaching the interiors in its currency. Print had a limited reach. The Vans were not attracting crowds. A lot of crowds could not reach where the rallies were being held. Moreover, Sirsa has been a strong hold of Mr Gopal Kanda and he had never lost an election from Sirsa. There was a strong need to innovate and stay ahead in the game.


Upon brainstorming we then decided to deploy the LED vans – large LED screens of almost 10‘x20’ mounted on top of a truck. The LED screens afforded excellent visibility during the day time also. The uniqueness of the medium ensured it was a huge crowd puller. The rallies and speeches were recorded and run on the screens in different areas. 4 vans were deployed reaching into the interiors and ensuring that the recorded screening was current and relevant to that area. For e.g. – if there was a concern for women safety the relevant speech was played there. If one area had a problem of stray animals or of unguarded railway lines – relevant messages were played.


This ensured immediate connect with the local populace and projected the candidate as someone who knows the area and its problems well and hence would be better equipped to solve them.


The LED vans, being unique and being used for the first time in elections in the state also drew a lot of positive PR as being “first time technology being used in campaigning”.


Campaign Screenshot