Case Study : Kanak Atta

OOH Campaign

Client : Delhi Flour Mill


FMCG sector

Target audience

General masses

Campaign Objective

The Main Objectives of the Campaign were-

  • To promote the brand and push the sales of their Atta Brand.
  • To popularize the brand that they have kept the purity in their product from last 90 years.
  • To promote them as the most trusted brand Atta for over 90 year

Advertising Solutions

Kanak Atta, the oldest packed Atta manufacturers and marketers occasionally comes up with ad campaigns. Graphisads has been providing excellent service to this client. This maintenance of good rapport with this traditional client resulted in Graphisads getting bulk of the budget for outdoor campaign.

Solutions provided

The client has hired over 30 premium sites of Graphisads all over Delhi and Noida to reiterate their message of most trusted brand Atta for over 90 years. The campaign which had featured the message both in Engllish and Hindi in the same design was noticed by all for the bright colours and crisp language used.

To execute this outdoor media campaign all over the Delhi NCR and Noida Graphisads provided Kanak Atta with various outdoor media vehicles, which included- 60 units of outdoor Bus Shelter, 60 units of Unipoles and Minipoles at more than 100 prime locations, 35 units of wall wraps at more than 60 prime locations and many other alternate media of outdoor were also provided.


The campaign was very successful in terms of the achieving objectives which was promotion of the brand and boosting up the sales. The client got very positive impact and response from the campaign and that’s why they approached us for the second phase of the campaign.

Campaign Screenshot