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Mr. Alok Gupta

Leading from the front...

Alok Gupta is a young and energetic professional who graduated in Business Studies from Birmingham (UK). Subsequently, he did his post graduation from SP Jain Institute, Mumbai specializing in handling Family Managed Business. Post that he has regularly done short term courses from various prestigious institutes.

As a Director, in a short span of a decade, he has brought in accountability and professionalism in all functions of the organizations working. The professional team handles all the work in the organization and systems are in place, which has helped the promoters to expand the operations into new verticals. He firmly believes in working with professionals, as that is the way forward for any business. “The management’s role should be to manage and that is what professionals do better, the promoters should set the company vision and align all to it” is his mantra.

Alok is always on the lookout for getting the best out of people. He has the positive attitude and aptitude to lead people to definite goals. He has traveled to many countries and has learned from his exposure to Europe, CIS, UAE and China among others.

With a penchant to network and meet new people and learn from their experiences, he is connected with various associations like Rotary, Round Table, CREDAI, The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), PHD Young Business Leaders Forum et al. He has already proved his mettle in public speaking by successfully participating in seminars on various topics and is very active on social media posting opinion on various social issues.

His aim is to incubate new businesses that are of social relevance, build them from scratch up and make sure they contribute to nation’s growth.